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  • Great care. Thanks!
    By Nadine
  • Dr. Rahaf is an excellent Dentist. I visited her clinic for a tooth problem when I lived in Plymouth.
    By Ranam Kazziha
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    The shittys pharmacy in Anderson the pharmacist are bullies possibly possible under the influence by breaking off small pieces of patients medications. Very unprofessional rude nothing together I only speak the truth this is my experience with a head pharmacist tech I would hope all of them aren't like this only 3 of them very poor communicating with patients and doctors!!!! I think they need drug testing themselves
    By Daniel Adams
  • Dr. Matt Walton is very thorough and very kind. He listened, analized and diagnosed carefully and accurately. I highly recommend him as a family medicine practitioner.
    By Spanish Fork Patient
  • The most beautiful aspect of this hospital was its commitment to providing health care to populations of people who couldn't afford medical services. The second was the owner's dedication to giving people a place to develop their craft as health care professionals, at a time when these opportunities were scarce to say the least.
    By Raymond Milton
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    One of the worst experiences at a clinic my son and I have ever had. Dr. Noah Sands was rude, impatient and EXTREMELY UNSANITARY. He dropped the nose scope on the floor and still used the same scope to complete the evaluation potentially exposing my son to infections and other consequences that this could lead to. Initially, when we entered the exam room, the scope used on the prior patient was still on the examination table. In addition, the table was not covered by anything. Noah walked out with the used scope and in less than 30 seconds walked back in, not wearing any gloves carrying a nose scope and placed it on the same spot where the used one from prior patient was. Then he accidentally dropped the scope and without disinfecting it or changing it completed the evaluation. How does Mount Sinai let their physicians and other medical personnel run a practice with such unsanitary conditions in the era of so many illness and bacteria? I wish I never took my son there.
    By B